Gallery by John Finch Photography

This gallery by John Finch photography has been captured over the last 25 years while working in Southern Africa as a professional guide and photographer. I started out many years ago taking photographs with an old Praktica film camera. As technology has evolved so has my photography and today I use a Canon digital camera and lenses. Learn more about my camera gear here. I have taught myself photography and have no formal training in photography.

My photography takes place mostly Southern Africa as this is where I spend the majority of my time. Home for me is Cape Town, South Africa. The photographs that you see in my gallery have mostly been taken on the tours that I have lead in Southern Africa. The more time you spend in the bush the luckier you get in terms of the images you capture of animals.

I do travel extensively when I am not working and this gallery by John Finch reflects photographs from other parts of the world. I chose not to focus only on Southern Africa and its stunning beauty, but to rather showcase the beauty of our planet. My photography has been featured in brochures, magazines and international newsprint. 

My gallery is updated on a regular basis and reflects what I am photographing currently. All the images that you view here are available to purchase. Images are available in lustre paper, framed canvas, metal or canvas and in what ever size of image you may want. For a complete view of whats available please follow this link : Gallery by John Finch. Thank you for your continued support of my photography. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding photography or to book me.

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