Bidvest Premier Lounge Review Cape Town

This Bidvest Premier Lounge review reflects what has become the new normal when flying either locally or internationally and using airline lounges. The Bidvest Premier Lounge is located after security on the airside of domestic departures terminal. Once you have passed through security at Cape Town domestic departures, walk down the ramp, turn right and take the elevator up to the forth floor.

All the domestic airport lounges are located on the forth floor including the British Airways Slow Lounge and the South African Airways lounge. As of May 2021 the Bidvest Lounge Cape Town and the Slow Lounge are open to all passengers who qualify for access. The South African Airways lounge remains closed and South African Airlines is currently not flying.

Bidvest Premier Lounge Cape Town Opening Times

The Bidvest Premier Lounge Cape Town is open Monday to Sunday from 04.30 and closes at 20.30. The lounge is open to all travellers regardless of what airline you are flying with or what class of travel you are booked in when flying domestically out of Cape Town airport. Travellers who have access to Lounge Key or Priority Pass have access to the lounge as do various private banking clients and airline frequent traveller programs.  View the Bidvest Premier Lounge’s full list of partners here.

The easiest way and the CHEAPEST way to gain access to the Bidvest Lounge Cape Town is to book online. Some airlines including FlySafAir offer discounted rates at time of booking your flight.

What Does The Bidvest Premier Lounge Cape Town cost?

  • Book online at R210.00 per person.
  • Walk in rate at R247.00 per person
  • Children under 2 years of age free of charge

On arrival at the Bidvest Premier Lounge we had our temperatures taken, hands sanitised and paper work completed to gain access to the lounge. The lounge host Derick, was very friendly and explained all the features of the lounge and reminded us to keep our masks on. We needed COVID PCR tests printed and Derick happily printed these tests results and brought them to us in the lounge. Derick provided excellent service from start to finish. All the staff I encountered in the lounge were friendly and pleasant.

The Bidvest Premier Lounge is spilt into two levels with the upstairs level being quieter with less people. The lounge currently only allows 90 people entry at a time due to COVID-19 capacity constraints so there is more than enough seating as the lounge is capable of holding up to 198 people. There are blocked seats all over the lounge that ensure social distancing and masks must be worn when walking around the lounge. This was announced over the PA a number of times during our lounge visit.

The lower level has a selection of food available and was laid out for breakfast. All food was covered as per COVID-19 regulations and there were both hot and cold options available.  I had sausage and egg and it was perfectly adequate. I had coffee from the machines that was good and sparkling water. Alcohol is on offer from 11.00AM. This is in keeping with current South African legislation. The upper level has drinks fridges and coffee machines but no food available.

The complimentary Wi-Fi worked well and did not cut off and I was able to both download and upload work with no issues. Most seating areas have charging points and there was plenty of quiet spaces to get work done. 

The washrooms are only on the lower level and are unisex. They were very clean with a sanitizing station as you entered. Showers are also available on request.

Bidvest Premier Lounge Cape Town Feature’s

  • PressReader, download all your favourite magazines and newspapers to your device
  • Unisex restrooms
  • Smoking room
  • Baby change facilities
  • Great views of the apron
  • Drinks including soft drinks, wine, beer and spirits
  • Shower facilities
  • Wi-Fi
  • Television

6 Dos And Don’ts In An Airport Lounge

  • Arrive at the airport early and remember that with COVID-19 things take longer. You want to have enough time to relax and enjoy your lounge visit. You don’t want 10 minutes in the lounge with just enough time to hoover down some food and drink before running to your flight.
  • When you get into the lounge, give yourself a full tour of the lounge. See what has changed and remember to head upstairs for a quieter experience. 
  • Watch the time. There are no airline calls in the lounge and you don’t want to miss your flight
  • Don’t disturb the peace. No one wants to listen to your loud cellphone conversations or watch your loud Facetime conversations. Wear headphones and be aware that there are other people around you who are trying to relax or work.
  • Don’t over indulge. Just because its free does not mean you need to stack your plate with absolutely everything in sight and don’t over do the booze. Airlines will not allow you to board the aircraft if you are too drunk.
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