Join us as we hike to the old Manganese mine shafts above Hout Bay. Visitors driving through Hout Bay on the way to Chapman’s Peak Drive will notice in the sea below the road a curious concrete and steel jetty. Look out for the cormorants drying themselves in the sun. This marks the most immediately visible remnant of one of the Cape’s early mining ventures, the Hout Bay manganese mine. To get to the departure point of our hike drive up Chapmans Peak Drive. As you pass the East fort look for parking on the left. This is where the hike to the old Manganese Mines above Hout Bay starts.

Hike To Manganese Mine What To Take

Departing the car park we start our hike uphill into The Table Mountain National Park. The trail is well laid out and easy to follow. The surface is rough and the climb towards the Manganese mine is mostly an easy uphill. The vegetation that you see as you walk is known as Fynbos (Fine Bush). Of the six floral kingdoms in the world, the Cape Floral Kingdom is the smallest in area. Yet is the richest of all the world’s plant kingdoms. In the Cape Peninsula alone, over 2500 species of flowering plants exist.The route has many Protea and Erica species. 

The views from every turn are breathe taking. The higher you climb the better the views get . Depending on you fitness levels it will take you around 90 minutes to get to the old Manganese mines . If you are not used to hiking in the area it may be better to take a registered guide with you. Do you need a guide to escort you? Get In Touch.

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