The Ultimate Electric Bicycle Chapman's Peak Tour

The easiest and fastest way to explore the scenic Chapman’s Peak Drive is on an electric bicycle ride. Our adventure starts from the beach car park at the base of Chapman’s Peak Drive in the popular tourist destination town of Hout Bay. To book you own electric bicycle tour please contact us.

The electric bicycles were all cleaned and sanitised in accordance with COVID19 safety protocols before departure on our ride. Next up was a very important safety briefing and a run down on how the bicycles worked by our tour guide for the day, Neil. The electric bike has a number of features that you don’t find on your normal bicycles. Neil would escort us on our electric bicycle’s for the entire ride over the scenic Chapmans Peak Drive.

We had a range of people in our group of varying ages and some who had done very little cycling before. With these electric bicycles you need to be able to balance and peddle but the bicycle does most of the work. Children can do this ride but their feet need to be able to touch the ground for safety reasons.
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What To Bring

  • Comfortable cycling shorts
  • Closed shoes for cycling
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen and hat
  • Camera or cell phone for photo’s
  • Bicycle helmet, although they are provided if you don’t have one
  • Water provided
  • Don’t to forget to watch our YouTube video

Electric Bicycle Ride Chapman's Peak Drive

It was time to depart on our electric bicycle ride over the spectacular Chapman’s Peak drive. Chapman’s Peak drive is 9KM long one way and has 114 curves along the route. As you cycle along the route you look down at the icy cold Atlantic ocean. 
The first part of the cycle up Chapman’s Peak drive is quiet steep uphill and those of us who had some cycling experience started to really enjoy the speed and power that these bicycles gave us going uphill. One thing to remember is that this is a very popular drive and you need to watch out for other road users.
It was great fun flying past groups of professional looking cyclists in all their gear, battling with the uphill while we glided past with little effort. The real bonus of an electric bicycle is that you don’t use as much physical effort compared to normal cycling. You can peddle gently and take in the awesome scenery that this route has to offer.
As we cycled up Chapman’s Peak, Neil stopped us at various points along the way for photographs and a chance to catch your breath if we needed. Water was also provided if we needed a drink along the route.
We eventually arrived above the town of Noordhoek that again provided stunning views down the long white beach with people riding on horses and plenty of surfers about. Right in the distance we could also see Slangkop lighthouse at Kommetjie and looking further down you could also make out Fish Hoek. Noordhoek was our turning point to return to Hout Bay.
The return trip gave us all a totally different perspective of Chapman’s Peak drive. As we cycled back it was easier to appreciate the incredible engineering that has gone into keeping Chapman’s Peak drive open after it was closed in 2000 due to rockfalls.
We stopped at the top of Chapman’s Peak parking area as this look out point gives you a great chance to rest and take in the amazing panorama of Hout Bay spread out below you. From the top of Chapman’s Peak its all downhill and the electric bicycle proved it could certainly pick up speed on the downhill.
We all arrived safely back in Hout Bay after an exhilarating day out. The entire trip gave us all plenty of time for photography and time to appreciate the scenic beauty of Hout Bay and Chapman’s Peak drive and is suitable for anyone with moderate fitness levels.
Electric bicycle trips can be done in a number of locations in the greater Cape Town area. You can even do an electric bicycle animal safari an hours drive outside of Cape Town. Contact us for further tour details.
Hout Bay offers a wide variety of options for those that enjoy an active lifestyle. Check out our latest guide to hiking Chapman’s Peak or if you enjoy getting off the beaten track why not try out our hike to the old Manganese mine above Hout Bay. Both hikes offer panoramic views of Hout Bay. 
A Quick Guide To Chapman’s Peak Drive
  • Named after a pilot of a British ship, John Chapman in 1607
  • Built between 1915 and 1922 using convict labour
  • Closed in 2000 due to rock falls and opened again in 2005 as a toll road
  • The road foundation sits on a bed of granite and was carved through the softer sand stone
  • The red colouring is caused by manganese deposits and this was mined at one time
  • The road has won numerous engineering awards
  • Well known car commercials are often filmed on Chapman’s Peak drive
  • The Cape Town Cycle Tour and the Two Ocean’s Marathon both use Chapman’s Peak drive
  • The road is sometime closed for maintenance or due to bad weather. Check Chapman’s Peak status here.
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