British Airways has both a Domestic terminal and an International departures terminal at O.R. Tambo International Airport . This flight was a domestic flight, British Airways Club Class or Business Class operated by Comair.

What Is British Airways Comair?

Comair is a British Airways franchise based in South Africa. The airline operates a fleet of 737s around Southern Africa. Johannesburg is their hub. Flights within South Africa, and nearby countries, including Mauritius, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.Comair also has a low cost carrier, as they own

There is a dedicated British Airways Club Class check in counter that was not busy. The agent was efficient and friendly and I had seat 1D.  Baggage allowance is two checked bags at 23KG each for Club passengers. Flying B.A. Club allows you fast track through security at O.R. Tambo.
British Airways Comair business class passengers have access to the  Slow Lounge at Johannesburg Airport. This is located immediately to the right after you pass through security. Take the lift or walk the stairs as we could all use some exercise.
A long line greeted me as I entered as banking clients also use this lounge. Once I got my chance, my ticket swiped by a disinterested host and I proceeded into the lounge.
The lounge is huge. But there was nowhere to sit at all. Lines for the toilet, lines for the bar and the food stations where packed with people jostling for food. It seems that they try cram as many people into the lounge as possible making it a terrible experience.
I enquired at the front desk if there was any dedicated area for Club passengers. The bored host replied that there was nothing like that and I should wait and try find a seat when someone departed for a flight. Premium service at it best!
With that I left and went to a more peaceful Bidvest Lounge that was not included in my Club fare. This is the lounge that Priority Pass members have access to. This lounge was less busy and the staff where friendly and pleasant.

Premium passengers could line up to the left, while other passengers could line up to the right. They invite Executive Club elite members to board with business class, but not other Oneworld elite members.On board the Boeing 737/800 seat 1D was waiting. Seats were in a 2-3 configuration, though in the first row the configuration was just 2-2.The seat was your typical short haul seat, with average width and recline, but without any charging slots or Wi-Fi. On being seated I was offered either still or sparkling water served at room temperature. The pre flight drinks used to be Cranberry Juice, Sparkling wine or Orange juice, but I guess B.A. are cost cutting again.

A warm towel and nuts where handed out once we where in the air and a full bar was on offer. A Gin and Tonic sounded like a great idea. Alas, again cost cutting reared its ugly head, gone was the Tanqueray Gin and replaced by Gordons Gin. Oh well, it was time for a few drinks before dinner.

I was certain dinner would be splendid but it was not to be. The nicest part of dinner turned out to be the Lindt Chocolate. I chose beef strips and vegetables. The presentation of the beef strips reminded me of something the cow may have done once upon a time while it roamed its pasture. Poor meal presentation, beef strips that were tough and chewy and tasteless. It had me yearning for an economy class panini bread. It was definitely time for some more Gin.

The flight to Cape Town took approximately 2 hours. Was flying Club with British Airways worth the money? Definitely not! British Airways on this route offers a very poor premium product and it does not warrant the premium price of over ZAR4000.00 one way. Rather save  your and fly economy class as there is little difference between Club and Economy that can cost as little as ZAR850.00.


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