Hiking Chapman's Peak

The Ultimate Guide to Hiking Chapman’s Peak for 2021

Hiking Chapman’s Peak, How To Get There As we are hiking Chapman’s Peak today we need to get to the launch spot for this hike. You will need to drive up Chapman’s Peak drive from the Hout Bay side. Hout Bay is a twenty minute drive from Cape Town depending

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Bo Kaap Wale Street

Where is the Bo Kaap? Why You Should Visit In 2021

Where is the Bo Kaap? The Bo Kaap is a unique and colourful part of old Cape Town situated above the central business district of Cape Town on the lower slopes of Signal Hill. The Bo Kaap (above Cape Town in English) is home to one of the oldest residential

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Simons Town Railway

Discover Simons Town

Discover Simons Town A Walking Tour Today we are exploring the coast line from were the smelly old Marine Oil Refinery was in Glencairn. The old oil factory is long gone and the brand-new Harbour Bay Mall is in its place. That’s where we parked.  The walk takes you to

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Best books to read for 2021

Best Books To Read 2021

Best Books To Read 2021 I have compiled this list of my best books to read for 2021 as lockdown drags on. I have read many of these books during lockdown and thought I would share them with you. We have thankfully said good riddance to 2020 and what better

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Safari Photography Guide

The Complete Safari Photography Guide for 2021

Safari Photography Guide My safari photography guide is aimed at helping you with the sometimes daunting task of choosing the right camera gear to use on your African wildlife safari. The focus is on Canon camera bodies and Canon safari lenses. This is the brand I use during my own

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Mountain Bike Table Mountain

Hiking Table Mountain

Hiking Table Mountain is on many visitors bucket lists when visiting Cape Town. Table Mountain forms the iconic backdrop to the city of Cape Town and is one of the official New 7 Wonders of Nature. Today we are hiking the most popular route, Platteklip Gorge. The hike ends at

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Mountain Biking Table Mountain

Beginners Guide To Mountain Biking Table Mountain

Beginners Guide To Mountain Biking On Table Mountain 2021 Join our adventure today as we are mountain biking Table Mountain from the Lower Cable Station to the Kings Blockhouse on the lower slopes of Devil’s Peak. This mountain bike trail just above the city of Cape Town is perfect for

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Hike To Old Maganese Mine

Hike To The Old Manganese Mine

Join us as we hike to the old Manganese mine shafts above Hout Bay. Visitors driving through Hout Bay on the way to Chapman’s Peak Drive will notice in the sea below the road a curious concrete and steel jetty. Look out for the cormorants drying themselves in the sun.

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